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La Maroma, also known as Tejeda, at an altitude of 2069 m, is the highest peak of the Sierra de Tejeda, Penibaetic System, Spain. The summit is located in the region of Axarquía on the border between the provinces of Granada and Málaga.



Montes de Málaga Natural Park is located quite near the capital of the Costa del Sol and can be said to serve as a “green lung” for the city. This park – found in the central-western zone of the Baetic Range – encompasses a mid-mountain landscape of gentle topography, criss crossed by small valleys populated with extensive pine forests. The park’s 4,996 hectares are situated to the north of the city of Málaga and take in the majority of the left side of the Guadalmedina River basin.


Screw Torcal Nature Reserve, The landscape at El Torcal is dotted by a host of natural sculptures, carved out of the limestone, that will surprise you at each step. One of these is known as the Torcal Screw, which has the Natural Monument designation on account of its unusual appearance. Its name comes from the fact that it looks like a huge screw. This monument also shows how ancient marine sediments were deposited in horizontal strata. As they were left exposed to the elements, erosion gradually shaped them. The Torcal Screw Natural Monument sums up this beautiful area and as such has become its symbol.


The Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema, The Natural Park of Sierra de Grazalema is located between the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga with an area of 51,695 hectares in the westernmost part of the Betic mountain chain. It was a natural land border between the Muslim kingdom of Granada and Christian Castile during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. These mountains were the site of frequent disputes. It was the first park in Spanish territory declared a Biosphere Reserve, (January 1977),as well as being named as a Natural Park of Andalucia in 1985. The population in very concentrated and there are villages perched on mountain tops and slopes which are fully integrated into the landscape.